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The future of investing
has arrived.

See how the world views your favorite companies in real time.

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The first investment consultancy platform built on worldwide conversation.
Market mania is here to stay. Billions of dollars change hands in minutes on the thoughts and feelings of influencers and novice investors alike.
So where do average investors stand?
With a sea of sentiment at their fingertips and no way to unlock it. Until now.
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With Omnilos you have the tools and trends to make a successful portfolio and watch it grow to new heights.
Create a watchlist of your favorite stocks.
And watch the global conversation pour into your personalized nest feed.
2,000,000 tweets per month gathered from over 3,000 influencer, news, institutional, and retail investor accounts. And it's only the beginning.
Social media has shifted the market landscape into one that is less predictable, and up until now, was not quantifiable.
Our A.I. Syna filters market sentiment into five key attributes that make up a company's overall health.
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